Trip to Malolos!

Malolos is the capitol city of the province of Bulacan. On Saturday, we made the 40 minute drive to go shopping for Laiza, Rodel, and Jonas. The three of them are going on adoption host programs for 1 month where they stay with their prospective adoptive family to help them adjust to a new life. Laiza is 6 years old and will be going to Wyoming to a family with 3 young boys. Rodel and Jonas, the Termulo brothers, are 12 and 11 years old respectively and will be going to Illinois for the month. They will leave July 8th, so they needed some clothes for their trip. The center of Malolos was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Obviously, it was very busy with a lot going on but we went down this very, very narrow street that seemed like it never ended. It was so colorful with rainbow umbrellas and many signs above you. Believe it or not, an occasional truck would come down the narrow street. It was filled with open store fronts and street vendors selling almost anything, but most of them sold clothes, shoes, and food. It was so loud with upbeat music blasting from each open store front, each time you walked past a different store or vendor a different song would be playing. There was so much energy, and in stead of helping Sr. Ana when I should have been I was just trying to take it all in. Before we left, we got ice cream! I had Buko ‘custard’. It was basically frozen Buko juice. Buko juice is just the water from a coconut and its shavings from inside the shell. Sometimes they add sugar to make it sweeter. SARAP! (yummy!)
The other day I stopped to appreciate how much I really enjoy the afternoons with the kids, especially when it is a nice evening with lovely weather. The sun is usually at a beautiful angle and there is a light breeze. I love playing on the playground, playing tag, and just watching the kids run around and have a good time. I even play basketball with the boys! They always want me on their team because I am tall compared to the others. I also helped the Tatays make fresh Buko juice, and tried the fruits santol, mangosteen, and lychee for the first time!
Making Buko Juice with the Tatays
Kiddies on the see saw with Ate Aurille! (one of the social workers)
The city of Malolos
Rose Vhill and Decery being silly at lunch time with their santol fruits!

Within the past week, two new babies came to the orphanage! JR (Jose Ramone) is 6 months old and has spent the beginning of his life in the hospital, and Gabriel is only 2 weeks old. He will need to go to the hospital to get surgery for cleft lip and palate. Speaking of hospitals, baby Maracar had to be admitted to last Thursday because she has pneumonia. Hopefully, she will be back by tomorrow.

A cute story…I was saying good night to the girls and a group of them kept saying “one more, one more!”. I heard them talking about the loom band bracelets (rubber band bracelets) earlier so I thought they were asking me for more loom bands! So I kept saying “no more, no more!” because I gave them each a bunch yesterday afternoon. And then Decery (5 years old) jumped up from her bed and said “one more KISS Ate Emily!!” and then once I figured it out the girls kept raising the number, “two more, four more, eight more!” They just wanted a bunch of kisses good night! It was so adorable!

3 thoughts on “Trip to Malolos!

  1. Emily. What a tremendous experience you are having and one very few of us will ever have. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. The description of the capital city is so vivid into mind as if I were walking down the street with you. Your package should be arriving this week. Hope the kids enjoy. God bless you Em Love gumba

  2. Em sorry for all the trouble this package is causing you. Please don’t fret and please don’t let this ruin your last week at the orphanage. We will attempt to rectify from this end. Don’t waste anymore time or effort on it. You haven’t posted in a couple of days. I eagerly await your next adventure

  3. Hi Gumba! No worries! I just feel so bad this happened with the package!! I will post soon! This week was very busy because there was a large funeral for a Sister in their congregation held here at the orphanage’s chapel. We are visiting the city of Tagaytay on Tuesday! I will definitely post about that. Thank you again, and see you soon!!!

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